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Learn about an evidence-based, solid nutritional paradigm which consists of fusing traditional foods with modern science and targeted dietary supplementation, if medically necessary.
Friday, November 12 2010


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Started by DrD.
Last replied by jay11284 on Thursday, November 25 2010

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MichaelSwedenberg, Friday, December 17 2010 18:30
DrD, I'm in my 50s and have been unable to maintain my weight. I exercise three times a week, avoid processed sugar and fatty foods (except for Thanksgiving) cut way down on alcohol, perhaps an average of one beer or glass of wine a week, don't smoke. Multiple vitamins everyday. In spite of this, I'm 25 lbs over weight. Are there any foods I can eat that will boost my metabolism? I'm in good health with normal BP and resting Heart Rate of 70.
nat_bez, Thursday, December 09 2010 16:32
So are there any specific nutrient rich foods that should be eaten every day? What does the optimal daily diet consist of?
DrD, Tuesday, November 16 2010 13:43
What are the 3 Immutable Nutrition Laws? #1 You are what you eat. #2 One person's food is another person's poison. #3 It is easier to eat a calorie than to burn a calorie.
windowjsaswindowjsas on Thursday, December 02 2010 19:27

So now how can you incorporate these ideas into your everyday nutrition?