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Shed Pounds With Dr V
All health conditions could be avoided if you take action early. The most important aspects of good health and longevity are certainly a proper diet, exercise, mental outlook, behavior, vitamins minerals and phytonutrition. At the "Heart, Diabetes & Weight Loss Centers of New York" our unique approach to disease prevention continues to evolve. Integrated medicine takes science of medicine and combines orthodox treatments with the developing field of nutrition and functional therapies.
Wednesday, December 29 2010


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hwinzen, Tuesday, January 04 2011 17:37
I look forward to a healthier new year with a better balance of eating and working out more. Great discussions and support groups.
sickntired, Thursday, December 30 2010 15:30
This seems to be a great group. Thanks for starting it, the discussions are going great so far too.
cookiemonster5126, Thursday, December 30 2010 15:24
Is it weird for someone with the username cookiemonster to join this group? hahahaha
jay11284, Thursday, December 30 2010 12:09
Starting on January 1st I will be getting back to eating healthy and working out more regularly than I have been! This group and the ideas we come up with will be an inspiration for me.
DMBjamsto41DMBjamsto41 on Thursday, December 30 2010 17:27

Same here buddy!

lovetowalk84lovetowalk84 on Thursday, December 30 2010 18:11

Just joined too! :-)