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  For The First Time Patients Connect Live To Share Information

Medichat MD is the ONLY patient driven medical community that allows users to connect through a live audio-visual network.

Medichat Corporation has just launched MedichatMD.com, the only live patient driven medical community that allows users to share information through its audio-visual features. Far from being another “doctor” website that offers expert opinions in an impersonal manner or drives its users to assume they are suffering from life threatening conditions instead of a simple cold, MedichatMD focuses on the patient and seeks to revolutionize the ways in which patients share information and connect with each other.

Frustrated with most of today’s medical websites that rely solely on forums and blogs to reach their members, Michael Goldstein, the CEO of Medichat Corporation set out to create a new social community that was made for the patient. What sets apart MedichatMD are its unique audio-visual chat rooms that allow users from around the world to join and discuss common ailments, treatments and share information all in real-time. This new way of interacting with fellow patients allows for a personal connection in speaking with others who share similar experiences and for faster exchange of crucial information. Aside from other patients, users are able to speak to doctors as well. This creates legitimacy between doctor and patient and allows information and medical expertise to be accessible at all times anywhere around the world. No other medical website currently has the capability to bring its users so close to each other even as they are thousands of miles apart.

Mr. Goldstein’s feels that when patients can share information with each other, they can learn what’s working for others and can even accelerate their own care by providing their doctors with the information they received from others who have had firsthand experience with the same condition. He also believes that when “patients share real-world data with each other, collaboration on a global scale becomes a reality and new treatments can become possible.” Additionally, he hopes that this new way for patients to share information quickly and efficiently can speed up important research and bring life saving treatments to the market in record time.